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Supply Chain Rules...


Six months ago when we put the calendar together for WorkForward, we decided (sort of randomly), that July would be the Supply Chain edition.  It’s summer, nothing interesting will be going on, right?  Totally wrong.  Brexit has disrupted supply chains across Europe.  More than 140,000 businesses are executing crisis plans, stockpiling everything from penicillin to pork.  The trade war with China makes it increasingly likely that many U.S. companies will see delivery cycles extended, prices increased with confusing rationale, and even the failure of strategic supply partners.  Even our withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal is disrupting the movement of freight and other materials around the world, given the interlocking complexities of the global supply chain.


The implications for talent in this space are profound.  Supply chains used to be stable, durable and “locked-in”.  That was the objective.  Now, they still need to be reliable, but reliability comes from resiliency, flexibility and contingency strategy.  Strategic thinking, diplomacy, scenario modelling and geo-political skills are built into the job at every level and finding talented professionals who can bring these skills to bear is what we love to do.

As always, we’re interested to hear your perspectives on this topic

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6 Rules for getting rock-star talent in a talent-tight market


Supply Chain Strategy and Talent Challenges


Q&A: Silvia Costa - CHRO, Trussway


Data Insights: Manufacturing v's Everyone Else




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6 Rules for getting rock-star talent in a talent-tight market


"In reality, the candidates are in charge, and the balance has tipped entirely in their favor." Here are 6 essential rules that we have found are key to attracting talented professionals in this market.



Talent Market

Supply Chain Strategy and Talent Challenges


These three major forces are driving clients to raise the bar considerably on the knowledge, skills, abilities and leadership attributes they are looking for in their supply chain managers. 




Q&A with Silvia Costa, CHRO of Trussway


About six months ago, we recruited Silvia to lead HR for Trussway, one of the leading manufacturers of building trusses and structural components in the US. We sat down with Silvia to discuss some of the challenges she faced as a first-time CHRO.




Data Insights: Manufacturers lead the way with Predictive Analytics for Talent Acquisition

To download the full report, click here. 




Supply Chain Optimization Manager & Lean Manager

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Managing Engineer

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Project Engineer &

Quality Manager

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The 3rd Annual HRLF Bob Gatti HR Leadership Excellence Award


Human Resource Leadership Forum (HRLF), and GattiHR are pleased to once again recognize outstanding HR Leaders in New England with the annual HRLF Bob Gatti HR Leadership Excellence Award.  This award recognizes outstanding HR Leaders in New England who have positively impacted their organizations and elevated the HR function.

Nomination submissions will be accepted through August 15, 2019.




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