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Disruptive HR


We’ve had a very busy month at GattiHR! We hosted our first DisruptHR Boston event. It was incredible to see such disruptive thinkers come together to engage, energize and inform the HR community. We’ve included a link to just one of those disruptive talks, but you can check out all of them at www.disrupthr.co/boston. Equally incredible were the conversations we saw happening throughout the evening. That’s what happens when you put 350 engaged and committed HR people in one place (especially with cocktails!). As we head into 2020, we want to make sure the disruptive mindset continues. We all have tons to do if we’re going to continue creating great places to work and bringing talented people together.

We use this idea of disruptive HR in all aspects of our organization. Our expansion to Detroit (see this issue’s profile on Charley Betzig), the interesting searches we’re able to work on, and the transformational work our analytics and HR tech teams are the ways we get to contribute to the workplaces we’re all focused on building.

As always, we’re interested to hear your perspectives on this topic, and in the meantime #buildabetterworkforce.

-The GattiHR Team



GattiHR Expands to Detroit

Thanks Coach

Achieving Alignment in an Age of Disruptive Velocity

Data Insights: Employee Engagement; How important are these factors?


GattiHR Events: DisruptHR Boston Video! HRPS recap


GattiHR Expands to Detroit!


We are pleased to announce that GattiHR has opened a new office in DetroitCharles Betzig will be leading this expansion and is responsible for the Firm's activity in the area.




Thanks Coach


The best part of building TalentBoost has been the notes we get from candidates – thanking us for the opportunity, making suggestions on how to make it work better, and heartfelt stories about their families, career aspirations and hopes for the future.




Achieving Alignment in an Age of Disruptive Velocity


These days, disruptive velocity is one of the few constants for organizations. Digitization drives disruption, as once- physical businesses are dematerialized into virtual ones with more reach,

shorter time-to-market, and less capital intensity, financial or human. GattiHR takes a look at some of the key areas in understanding and achieving alignment in this age of disruptive velocity.



Data Insights:

Employee Engagement is the result of many different factors.

How IMPORTANT is each of the following to employee engagement levels?

To download the full report, click here. 

Senior Manager,

Talent Acquisition

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Human Resources

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Senior Scientist

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This month, GattiHR was pleased to host our first DisruptHR Boston event. Our speakers, sponsors and attendees brought such a disruptive energy. Click the link below to see a short recap of the event. Speaker videos coming soon!


HR People + Strategy 2019 Strategic HR Forum

GattiHR was a proud partner at the HRPS 2019 Strategic HR Forum. We made great connections and listened to valuable discussions about the new employee experience. Thank you to everyone who stopped at our booth!




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